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Painting Job Ready Program with Job Ready Solutions

Amid the world of construction and design, Painting Trade Workers stand as the magicians of colour, turning mundane surfaces into canvases of creativity and beauty. These skilled professionals apply their expertise to protect, enhance, and adorn buildings and structures through the application of paint, varnish, wallpaper, and various finishes. At Job Ready Solutions, we are committed to guiding aspiring painting trades workers on a journey of skill development, hands-on training, and a rewarding career path.

Painting Job Ready Program

A Painting Trades Worker, classified under ANZSCO code 332211, wields the power of pigments and finishes to breathe life into spaces. They safeguard, rejuvenate, and embellish surfaces, playing a pivotal role in maintaining the aesthetic appeal and integrity of structures. From the subtle strokes that blend seamlessly to bold patterns that make a statement, painting trades workers are the artists who add a splash of personality to the built environment.


  1. Paperhanger: Elevate your skills to master the art of applying wallpaper with precision and finesse, transforming walls into exquisite works of art.

Skill Level and Requirements:

The role of a Painting Trades Worker is categorised as Skill Level 3, indicating the technical expertise required to excel in this field. To embark on a fulfilling journey as a painting trades worker, and to open doors to opportunities such as visa applications, obtaining a positive Skills Assessment is crucial.

Job Ready Solutions is your partner in navigating this process successfully.

Attaining a positive skills assessment hinges on meeting the criteria set by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). These criteria encompass:

  1. Qualification: Successful completion of an AQF Qualification, either a Certificate III in Painting and Decorating, or equivalent formal training.

  2. Industry Standards: Demonstrating skills aligned with current Australian industry standards, verified by a minimum of 12 months of full-time employment (or equivalent part-time work) in the occupation during the preceding three years. A great way to gain these skills is by completing the Painting Job Ready Program pathway.

  3. International Qualifications: Individuals holding international qualifications or Australian qualifications not obtained through the Recognition of Learning process must showcase 3 years of full-time or equivalent post-qualification experience.

  4. Recognition of Learning: For those holding an Australian qualification issued through the Australian Recognition of Learning process, demonstrating either 3 years of full-time (or equivalent) post-qualification experience or 6 years of full-time (or equivalent) experience (pre- or post-qualification) is mandatory.

Required Tasks:

  • erecting scaffolding and ladders, and placing drop sheets to protect.

  • adjacent areas from paint splattering.

  • preparing surfaces by removing old paint and wallpaper, fixing woodwork, filling holes and cracks, and smoothing and sealing surfaces.

  • selecting and preparing paints to required colours by mixing portions of pigment, oil, and thinning and drying additives.

  • applying paints, varnishes and stains to surfaces using brushes, rollers and sprays.

  • hanging wallpaper, matching patterns and trimming edges.

  • cleaning equipment and work areas.

  • may repair windows and replace glass in wooden and metal frames.

  • may lay and repair wall and floor tiles.

Becoming a proficient Painting Trades Worker requires dedication, training, and a commitment to mastering the art of enhancing and protecting spaces through color and finish. At Job Ready Solutions, we recognise the aspirations and challenges faced by individuals aspiring to become skilled Painting Trades Workers. With Job Ready Solutions as your guide, you're poised to embark on a transformative journey that promises expertise, growth, and a fulfilling career in the world of aesthetics and construction. Embrace the power of colors and coatings, and paint your path to success with the support of a team dedicated to your triumph.

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