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Can I do JRP on a Student Visa?

Wondering about the visa requirements for the Job Ready Program (JRP)? This blog post will provide all the answers.

To answer simply, YES you can do the JRP on a Student Visa.

Can I do JRP on a Student Visa?

Benefits of starting JRP on Student Visa

Currently, as of May 2024, the average length of a Graduate Visa (subclass 485) is 18 months and the Job Ready Program length is 15-18 months. This means you need to start the Job Ready Program as soon as you receive this visa (Temporary Residency /TR). This can be very stressful because of the timing.

Not many people understand their full pathway and will wait to start the Job Ready Program (JRP), cutting valuable time from their TR (485 visa) and forcing them onto another visa to complete the Job Ready Program (JRP).

The solution? Start the JRP on your Student Visa to maximise the time you have to complete the program. You can work part-time or casual for the JRP, making it ideal for students to start the JRP pathway while studying.

This way, once you receive TR you will already be mostly done with your JRP requirements and can maximise your TR time, making your PR pathway easy and stress-free.


Old Visa Requirements for JRP

In previous years, there have been visa requirements for the JRP, including Full-Time working rights, but you don't need to include visa documents in your JRP application anymore.

However, you must keep a valid visa to live and work in Australia. Make sure you understand your visa's rules, as it might restrict the kind of work you can do. Some visas have limits on work hours or specific jobs you can take.


But what even is the Job Ready Program (JRP)?

Confused about where your PR pathway is heading? It can be confusing to understand your pathway and know which steps to take.

For an in-depth explanation, check out this page on our site for all things Job Ready Program. Alternatively, you can ring us to book in a consultation and discuss things in person.

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Extra Tech
Jun 19

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