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Job Ready Program Processing Times - April 2024

Updated: Jun 4

Do you want the inside knowledge of TRA processing times for the Job Ready Program? We have hundreds of clients moving through the program and have a clear understanding of what the current wait times are.


Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) - 30 days

JRP Step 1 - Job Ready Employment (JRE) - 7-8 months from JRE Start Date (not including backdating hours)

6 Month Processing - 4-5 months

  • Once the 6 month documents are uploaded, you will be emailed in approximately 2.5-3 months saying you have moved to the next stage of processing. From this email, you will be invited to the workplace assessment within 8 weeks (if there are no further documents to be uploaded).

JRP Step 2 - Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) - 4-5 months

  • Apply for assessment

  • Application is passed onto an assessor (within 1 week)

  • Assessor contacts you to book the assessment (within 60 days of receiving application)

  • Result is emailed to you roughly 1.5 months after assessment

12 Month Processing - 2-3 months

  • Once the 12 month documents are uploaded, documents are processed in order of JRE Start Date, not the submission date. As of April 2024, TRA are processing files with JRE Start Dates of December 2022 and January 2023. If your JRE Start Date is later than this, you will need to wait.

JRP Step 3 - Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA) - Within 1 week

Average Job Ready Program Time - 18 months

(including processing times)


Because of these extended wait times, it is very important to:

  • Begin your Job Ready Program (JRP) before or soon after receiving your 485 visa.

  • Take limited time off (annual leave, sick leave, personal leave) during the program.

  • Avoid changing employers often as it can cause gaps in employment.

If you need assistance with the Job Ready Program (JRP) or have any questions, please DM us on Facebook (link below).

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