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Chef Job Ready Program with Job Ready Solutions

Updated: Feb 14

Is being a Chef your chosen PR Pathway? Job Ready Solutions is here to help. At Job Ready Solutions, we take pride in assisting aspiring chefs in their journey towards skill development, skills assessment, and permanent residency.

Once you complete your Certificate IV in Kitchen Management, you are eligible to start your Job Ready Program Pathway, even on a student visa!


Ready to start your Job Ready Program (JRP)?

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International Chef Job Ready Program

Chef Job Ready Program with Job Ready Solutions

Job Ready Solutions are experts in the Job Ready Program Pathway. We do not source positions for Chefs and ask that our clients source their own job.

Your Job Ready Program pathway starts with the Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA), which is a requirement for your 485 visa. Here is how Job Ready Solutions can help with this program:

  • Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) - We verify your chef qualifications and supporting documents, ensuring your PSA application is 'decision ready' and ensure a successful outcome.

Once you receive a successful PSA outcome, you are eligible to start the Job Ready Program (JRP). Here is how Job Ready Solutions can help with this program:

  • Job Ready Program (JRP) - We pre-verify your chef workplace to ensure it is eligible for the Job Ready Program. We register any new employers and complete the correct paperwork to finalise previous employers. We keep careful track of your progress and upload your payslips and supporting documents at the right time for your program. We provide our clients with a full setup leading up to the workplace assessment including what to expect and sample areas to revise for. We ensure that all required documentation is filled and submitted and you have fulfilled the required hours to be eligible for the JRFA. Once you receive a successful skills assessment outcome you can apply to Home Affairs for a skilled visa.


Ready to start your Job Ready Program (JRP)?

Click here to apply.


A Chef, categorised under ANZSCO code 351311, is a maestro of the kitchen, orchestrating the dance of flavours that grace our plates. They harness their culinary prowess to create dishes that not only satisfy hunger but also ignite a passion for the art of food. From intricate dishes that push boundaries to traditional fare that pays homage to heritage, chefs are the creators of gastronomic wonders.


  1. Commis Chef: Embrace the role of a junior chef, learning and contributing to various aspects of the kitchen.

  2. Chef de Partie: Elevate your skills by mastering the role of a section chef, responsible for a specific culinary station.

  3. Demi Chef: Transition to a higher level, refining your skills as a demi chef de partie and taking on more responsibilities.

  4. Sous Chef: Embody the role of a sous chef, overseeing kitchen operations, managing staff, and crafting culinary excellence.

Skill Level and Requirements:

The role of a Chef is classified as Skill Level 2, representing the proficiency required for culinary excellence. To embark on a fulfilling journey as a chef and explore opportunities such as visa applications, securing a positive Skills Assessment is imperative. Job Ready Solutions is your steadfast guide throughout this pivotal process.

Skills Assessment by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA):

Achieving a positive skills assessment necessitates meeting criteria set by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). Some options for skills assessment include:

1 - Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA): The PSA must be completed before you can apply for the JRP.

2 - Job Ready Program (JRP): For individuals with a directly related qualification or a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience. The Chef Job Ready Program pathway is a great PR pathway commonly used by international students.

3 - Migration Skills Assessment: For eligible applicants with trade skills who are seeking permanent migration to Australia.

4 - Temporary Skills Shortage Skills Assessment: For applicants seeking assessment for the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482).

The culinary arts demand dedication, training, and a passion for creating delectable experiences. Job Ready Solutions acknowledges the aspirations and challenges faced by individuals aspiring to become skilled chefs. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and alignment with industry standards, we are your ideal companion on the path to a rewarding culinary career. Embrace the culinary canvas and craft your pathway to success, supported by a team devoted to your culinary triumph.

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