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Bricklayer Job Ready Program with Job Ready Solutions

In the grand tapestry of construction, Bricklayers hold the threads that weave structures into existence. These skilled artisans deftly lay bricks, pre-cut stones, and various building blocks in mortar, sculpting walls, arches, and partitions that form the very core of our architectural landscape. At Job Ready Solutions, we take pride in guiding aspiring bricklayers on a transformative journey of skill development, hands-on training, and a promising career trajectory.

international bricklayer job ready solutions

A Bricklayer (also called a Blocklayer), classified under ANZSCO code 331111, is a master of precision and craftsmanship. Their hands transform inert materials into functional and aesthetic marvels, constructing and restoring walls, arches, and other vital structures. From traditional designs that evoke a sense of heritage to modern feats of engineering, bricklayers shape the world around us.

Exploring Specialisations:

  1. Chimney Builder: Master the art of constructing chimneys, adding both functionality and charm to structures.

  2. Refractory Bricklayer: Become proficient in using heat-resistant materials, a skill vital for industries like metallurgy and manufacturing.

  3. Retort Setter (Bricklaying): Enter the niche of setting retorts, contributing to industrial processes that rely on controlled environments.

  4. Tuckpointer: Refine the technique of tuckpointing, an intricate method of restoring and enhancing brickwork aesthetics.

Skill Level and Requirements:

The role of a Bricklayer is classified as Skill Level 3, reflecting the technical prowess necessary for success. To embark on a fulfilling journey as a bricklayer and open doors to opportunities such as visa applications, securing a positive Skills Assessment is imperative. Job Ready Solutions stands as your trusted partner throughout this critical process.

Skills Assessment by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA):

Achieving a positive skills assessment hinges on meeting the criteria established by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). These criteria encompass:

  1. Qualification: Successful completion of an AQF Qualification, either a Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying or equivalent formal training.

  2. Industry Standards: Demonstrating skills aligned with Australian industry standards, validated by a minimum of 12 months of full-time employment (or equivalent part-time work) in the occupation over the preceding three years. A great way to develop these skills is through the Bricklayer Job Ready Program pathway.

  3. International Qualifications: For those with international qualifications or Australian credentials not obtained through the Recognition of Learning process, showcasing 3 years of full-time or equivalent post-qualification experience is required.

  4. Recognition of Learning: If holding an Australian qualification issued through the Australian Recognition of Learning process, demonstrating either 3 years of full-time (or equivalent) post-qualification experience or 6 years of full-time (or equivalent) experience (pre- or post-qualification) is essential.

Required Tasks:

  • studying plans and specifications to determine materials required, dimensions and installation procedures.

  • erecting and dismantling restricted height scaffolding.

  • sealing foundations with damp-resistant materials and spreading layers of mortar to serve as base and binder for blocks using trowels.

  • laying bricks in rows, designs and shapes, and spreading mortar between joints.

  • embedding blocks in mortar and removing excess mortar.

  • checking vertical and horizontal alignment.

  • cutting, shaping and polishing stones and bricks using machines and hand tools, and shaping bricks to fit irregular spaces.

  • repairing and maintaining bricks, cement blocks and related structures.

  • designing and cutting monumental masonry and lettering.

  • constructing walls using stone slabs and large masonry slab blocks.

Mastery in bricklaying demands dedication, training, and a commitment to sculpting enduring structures. Job Ready Solutions recognises the dreams and challenges of individuals aspiring to become skilled Bricklayers. With unwavering commitment to excellence and alignment with industry standards, we are your ideal companion on the path to a rewarding bricklaying career and PR pathway.

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