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JRWA and JRFA Invitations for the Job Ready Program

Are you waiting for your JRWA or JRFA invitation for the Job Ready Program? Here is when you can expect your invitation ✉️

This information was provided in 9th July 2024 and is accurate at time of this Blog post.

For newer updates, look at our Blog page for updated invitation dates.

JRWA Invitation:

The current invitation period open for JRWA invitations is for anyone with a JRE Start Date of September/October 2023 (not including any prior employment claim). Here is the process once you receive invitation:

  1. Pay the JRWA Application fee ($2,845)

  2. Receive confirmation call from TRA within 4-6 weeks

  3. Receive email/call from Assessor within 60 days of TRA call

  4. Complete Workplace Assessment

  5. Receive email outcome 12-14 weeks after assessment date

JRWA/JRFA invitations for the JRP

JRFA Invitation:

If you completed your JRWA in March 2024, you are in the current processing period for receiving an invitation for the JRFA.


Looking for a video explanation? Watch our TikTok on this topic here!


Job Ready Solutions are your Job Ready Program professionals, assisting you at every stage of the program. If you're looking for individual assistance, put through an inquiry on our website to chat directly with a team member. Alternatively, you can ring the office on (03) 9108 4831 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

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