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Job Ready Program Employment Requirements

What are the employment requirements for the Job Ready Program? Regardless of what your nominated trade or occupation is for the Job Ready Program, there are certain requirements that Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) has for employment to be eligible for the program.

Job Ready Program Employment Requirements

Job Ready Program Employment Requirements:

  1. You must be currently working with the employer when you register the employer online to your portal.

  2. The work you complete must be at an appropriate skill level for your nominated occupation (i.e. you cannot be a Kitchen Hand when doing the Job Ready Program as a Chef).

  3. You must be doing all the duties on the Employment Verification Report (EVR) and Skills Progress Report (SPR) for your relevant trade/occupation.

  4. You need to be paid Award Wage or higher for your relevant trade award.

  5. You must receive payslips. These can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

  6. Your employer must make superannuation contributions on your behalf.

  7. Full-time, part-time and casual employment are all valid for the Job Ready Program.

You can have up to 5 employers during your Job Ready Program. Keep in mind, you must complete a minimum of 6 months with a single employer and it does not need to be your first employer.

Subcontractor work

You can work under ABN/as a subcontractor for the Job Ready Program. For eligible employment as a subcontractor, the contracting arrangements must meet these requirements:

  1. You are able to complete at least 6-months equivalent work with a single contractor.

  2. The contractor you work for is willing to sign your Employment Verification Report (EVR) and Skills Progress Report (SPR).

  3. Your invoices are paid via bank transfer as you will need to provide bank statement evidence during the program.

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